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Posts: 1
We are using TekRadiusLT for Accounting only. I've imported the dictionary from the vendor involved and can see in the TekRadius logs I get the information I'm looking for:

12.12.2019 09:41:28.174 - RadAcct req. from : [UDP]

Size : 392 / 392
Identifier : 248
Attributes :

NET-Calling-Number = +44*******
NET-Called-Number = +44*******
Acct-Status-Type = Start
Acct-Multi-Session-Id = 15761436882187
NAS-IP-Address = 10.***.**.**
Acct-Session-Id = 15761436882187|15716404480000004560

and also receive the Status-Type = Stop when the call has finished (used for Telephony Accounting logging)

However, it doesn't look to be saving that data as I'm unable to see any data either when doing a SQL query or doing a query from the Reporting tab. It says the query is completed but there's no data to view.

Interestingly, when I start the TekRadius service I get:

12.12.2019 09:45:43.545 - Accounting packets will not be recorded.

Is there a button to be clicked to turn this on? If so, I can't find it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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